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  • First name: Nasiri
  • Last name: Nimitmongkol
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Reflection: ME and ENGLISH

After this course, my four skills are improved.

Reading Skill

My reading skill is improved as I can read more complex articles and completely understand. I have never been interested in reading the newspaper because it used a very difficult vocabulary and complex sentences. Now, I subcribed to the NY times because I can practice my reading skill and also get to know new vocabulary.

My writing skill has become more accurate because Susan found that I have  pattern mistakes which are misusing of artical and tenses. I always use a wrong or miss articles on each sentence and also my sentences are too long. Knowing that mistakes, I try to more becareful and reread before I submit any of my writtings even they a long essay.

My listening skill is getting better except when i listened lectures I missed out some words because the vocaburaly is very difficult and sometimes I could not catch instructors accent.

My speaking is getting much better becasue in this class I have a chance to speak and express my opinion toward things. I have more confident to speak up and not get nervous. I am trying to improve my accent especially t sound. Now I think it is improve only if I need to keep speaking.




Speaking skill is very difficult. Personally, I cannot pronounce some sound such T, TH, etc. In addition to pronounce the right sound, speaking with the pitch is really hard. I always forget the tense and always make a mistake when questioning. I also get nervous before presentations. I have no confidence at all. I cannot make up and down pitch. My goal after this semester is to be more confidence when I give speeches and presentations.


Reflection on speaking

In this class, I speak a lot more than other classes. I used to be shy and got nervous when I needed to give speeches and expressed my opinion in front of the class. After almost four months in IEP course, I have a chance to speak and give presentations. I learnt how to pronounce words correctly, and also have more confident to speak out loud. In daily life conversations, I try to speak more with foreign friends and also Susan to practice my speaking. This course is really help me practice my speaking, otherwise, I would have less chance to speak English. 



First Presentatation : Frida

File(s) to Download


This is the first time of this semester that  I gave a presentation on the topic of My favorite artist. I chose Frida Kaloh because I admired her works that can reflect her life. I was very nervous and forgot to talk about many things I had written. After I watch a video of myself, i found that I have a problem with some pronunciations such as H, and T sounds.

It was very a good thing that I have a chance to observe myself, so that I would know what I need to improve. From this exercise I know that I need to speak loudly and clearly. I should practice more on pronunciation and also try to remember all the information and should keep myself clam. 


Final Presentation: My project

Final Presentation:: My Project


This is a final presentation about my project at university. I presented about my photographs that were shot under different topics. This presentation was not hard as I though because it was about my own work so I could speak smoothly. However, giving in front of the class made me nervous and spoke wrong tenses. I always forgot the important things when I got nervous. Nevertheless, it is getting better when I have a chance to practice in classroom. Now I have more confident than before.  





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My creative writing


My creative writing 1st draft




Final Draft

 Every year, Dorothy and Elizabeth organize a small fund-raising among their neighborhoods for soldiers who died in Afghanistan. After the fund-raising, they will donate all of the money from the event to non-profits organizations for human. This is the 10th anniversary of the event that they have been devoting to. This fall, everything is as same as last year except the number of people who attend the event. There were almost 200 people in the small convention room.

On the right hand side of the picture, Dorothy Langer, 57 years old, is a widow for 30 years. Her husband died in the Vietnam War on 1970. She was in miserable for few years, and then she decided to devote herself to non-profit organizations. She currently works at Unicef, and as a volunteer for the Pink Campaign, The Anti War, etc.

During her time at Unicef, she met Elizabeth Gardner, 59 years okd, who was running a campaign called the No War that the United States has been involved. They realized the consequences of the war would never do any good citizens of the United States, and also other countries.

Therefore, they founded a small the fund-raising for soldier who died in Afghnistan and their families.At first the event was not as popular as nowadays because of the budget limitation. After a few years later, and emergence of social networks, their project has been getting more attention year by year. At present, there are more than 500 people signed up to be a member and more than $1000 has been donated through their website

“The Silent Voice” is one of the most powerful non-profit organizations. That truly helps soldiers’ families to pass the hardest time for their loss. The money has been spent on children’s education, health care, and meal plan.





Writing is the most difficult part for me because I have a problem with grammar and spelling. In grammar I always make mistakes to put the article. I am confused how to use the particular article with particular nouns. Before I start the IEP, I have not pay attention and do not know its importance. My goal for the end of this semester is to write correct essays. 


Reflection on writing

During this course, I have improved my writing skill because Susan pointed me out that I have repeated mistakes which are articles, and tenses. Before I studied this IEP, I always made a mistake on my essays and any writing papers, but now every sentence I wrote I would double check that they have correct articles or not. To know my problems are really help my writing skills. Even though my essays are not perfectly correct in grammar, I am trying to make it better and better. 

How is Jackson Pollack’s work “akin” to the Native American Sand Painting?






2nd Draft


Final Draft

How is Jackson Pollack’s work “akin” to the Native American Sand Painting?

“The unconscious is a very important side of Modern Art and I think the unconscious drives do mean a lot in looking at painting,”1said Jackson Pollack, an artist who created an early initiative painting called “Autumn Rhythm”. He had a very unique style of painting that was influenced by religious ritual ceremonies of Native American sand painting.2

Jackson Pollack was a young man who died at very young age. He was one of the first people who discovered a new technique of painting, which was so much different from the traditional ways. Instead of painting on an easel as other painters, he chose to put his canvas on the floor and let him into his painting. This technique was influenced by the Native American sand painting.  Not only the technique had he adopted into his work, but also the concept of being attached to his works.

Sand Painting or Navajo sand painting is considered as a spiritual healing system rather than an art form. It was used to promote a harmonious of nature and to increase human wellness. It is believed that would protect humans from sickness. The Navajo uses the sand painting to connect to gods and spirits of the universe. Under the same idea as the Native American’s belief,3 Jackson Pollack also believed that people could have a state of unconsciousness that led him to create a new style of art, the same as sand paintings were created by holy people, and aimed to contact with gods in the nature. The American Indian needed the power of gods to heal patients. Also Pollack, who came from the west of the United States, believed that a human mind was very powerful when it was in the unconscious state. Being in the unconscious state of mind led him to discover his style and became apart of the painting. He was a part of his painting.

In addition to Pollack’s theory of being influenced by unconscious, he also adopted the sand painting technique into his work. He decided to put his works on the floor and work from the four sides of them, the same as sand paintings. Works were painted on the ground and were erased as soon as ceremonies ended.

“My painting does not come from the easel. I hardly ever stretch my canvas before painting. I prefer to tack the unscratched canvas to the hard wall or floor. On the floor I am more at ease. I feel nearer, more a part of the painting”4 Pollack expressed his idea of his working process.

“Autumn Rhythm,” a very famous piece of Pollack is a good demonstration of expressive emotions. He did not paint on the canvas but dripped the paint on the canvas instead. “Jack the Dripper,” as he was labeled by the TIME magazine. 5 Every line, splash, or dot was put on the canvas precisely, aggressively, intentionally, and thoughtfully as well as the sand on sand paintings.

The holy sand paintings were also painted carefully and meaningfully. It is a sacred ritual of life. Pollack dedicated himself to his paintings. While he poured painted on canvas he put his mind to what were he doing. He was not afraid of changing, or destroying of his image, as he said in an interview program by William Wright, “A painting has a life of its own. I kind of let it live. I lost contact with my painting on glass, and started another one.”6

During his lifetime, Pollack was very aggressive, and alcoholic.7These characteristics were shown in his works especially in the most famous paintings. In other words, Pollack had been really into his works and they were very powerful just like the sand painting that was able to cure sick people. Two other categories that relate Pollack’s work with the sand painting are his conception about the spirit, and the technique of working on four sides of the paintings.


1. Barbara Rose, "Introduction: Jackson Pollock: The Artist as Cultural Hero", in Pollock: Painting (edited by Barbara Rose), Agrinde Publications Ltd.: New York (1980), pages 3-4.



4. Jackson Pollock, "My Painting", in Pollock: Painting (edited by Barbara Rose), Agrinde Publications Ltd.: New York (1980), page 65; originally published in Possibilities I, New York, Winter 1947-8

5.  William Wright, "An Interview with Jackson Pollock", in Pollock: Painting (edited by Barbara Rose), Agrinde Publications Ltd.: New York (1980), pages 101-102 


6. Barbara Rose (editor), Pollock: Painting, Agrinde Publications Ltd.: New York (1980), page 9

7. Barbara Rose, op.cit., pages 3-4.



Jackson Pollock, "My Painting", in Pollock: Painting (edited by Barbara Rose), Agrinde Publications Ltd.: New York (1980), page 65; originally published in Possibilities I, New York, Winter 1947-8

Barbara Rose, "Introduction: Jackson Pollock: The Artist as Cultural Hero", in Pollock: Painting (edited by Barbara Rose), Agrinde Publications Ltd.: New York (1980), pages 3-4.

William Wright, "An Interview with Jackson Pollock", in Pollock: Painting (edited by Barbara Rose), Agrinde Publications Ltd.: New York (1980), pages 101-102  

Download Jackson Pollack


Writing about Jackson Pollack was very difficult because it was a research. We needed to gather all information and read a lot of articles and summarized. I had a problem with citations, where and how to put the footnote, but after I rewrite the second draft I began to get the idea of citing. This essay is the last essay the final exam. I think i is a very good opportunity to have a chance to practice myself so that I would not get nervous during the test. 

Interview: Rumeih:: first draft




Interview Final Draft

Ru Mei Shei, Taiwanese born, is an Associate Occupational Degree student at Pratt.  This is her first year there so it is her first year in New York City, one of the busiest cities in the world and the place where art education is very accessible and very desirable to art students from all over the world.  Pratt is one of the most competitive art schools in New York and has ten percent international students. It is such a big number, although it is not a majority of the total students, it still creates some communication and comprehension problems.  Because of their difference of culture and language, most internationals have a problems with expressing themselves when they are in a classroom.  They don’t participate in class because of their language limitations.

 Ru mei is one of those students who wishes to pursue a career as an illustrator.  However, the path she will have get through is not an easy one to pass.  Recently, she has expressed her thoughts in ESL class, where the international students can feel comfortable to speak up and practice their English.

On Thursday morning in the IEP class, Ru Mei was sharing her story mainly on the topic of English, the most powerful language in the world.  She is a first year illustration major who concentrates in drawing and painting.  In class, students exchanged experiences about “when they first learned English?”  they all have different backgrounds in their second language.  For a lady whose name is pronounced the same as “room-mate” but with no T sound, it is very interesting because she has a four year degree in Resiratory Theory, one kind of medical study.  She had been an inten for a while before she realized that she did not fit into the field.  For her, it was too sad and stressful when she had to deal with death and illness all the time.  Therefore she decided to switch her major to get a colorful and inspired life. 

She has got impressive skills in drawing and painting. She loves to write letters to her boyfriend and also express her, emotions, thoughts, feelings, or even share her experience on her blog in Mandarin but not in English because in her childhood school system in Taiwan did not teach English until elementary school, but luckily the system has changed.  Therefore, it is quite difficult for her to write an essay in a grammar correct way.  Although she had been writing medical reports to diagnose patients conditions, those did not help at all just because the supervisor cared about treating patients instead of English usage.  So now that she has come to New York to study, she has challenged herself to improve her English skills.  She needs push herself to speak in class, which is difficult, besides she needs to get attention from her professors.  Moreover, she needs to make friends with other students because she needs to write essays that straightforward type of person. The consequence of being herself is structural errors in her essays because she cannot follow the essay structure that has three to five paragraphs. She said she does not know how to extended words to meet a requirement. However, she does not worry about her grammar because in Taiwan, they are more strict about teaching grammar than other skills. Guess what, in Thailand, we do as same as they do.

“Studying in the IEP class makes me feel very comfortable where I can express my thoughts without pressure or anything,” said Ru Mei. “I have difficulty in writing two-page  essays, but I hope I will get better and better after this course.”

Ru mei has a goal to do graduate studies in Illustration at The School of Visual Arts, another famous art institution in New York City. She believes that Pratt is place where she can lay down a solid foundation which will be her first step forward.  


Interview Final Draft




Even though I have a quite good listening skill, in some lectures they are very difficult to understand because of vocabulary that I have never heard of or the difficult accents of each professors. Therefore, at the end of the semester, I want to improve my listening skill so that I can understand the lecture more and more. Listening skill will enhance my learning ability. 


Reflection on listening

Before I studied in IEP course, my listening skill is acceptable but i have a problem with difficult vocabulary such as a technical terms. After this course, I learnt to underline the new vocabulary and took notes in my own language and find the word after lectures. That makes me more understand and be able to recognize the word when teacher says it again. Moreover I have more chance to listen an English in the classroom. It is a good opportunity for me to listen my friends in class and especially when Susan speaks, I will try to listen the correct pronunciation of words.

Interview: Ellen

Students spend time on public transportation more than in their homes. In cold weather, Ellen, a lady in a chiffon dress, commutes almost 40 miles back and fourth per day just for one class. She lives in Southshore where located outside New York City. She leaves home at 6.30 in the morning and arrives home around  4 pm.She usually takes a train from her nearest train station and gets off at Penn Station 34th street in Manhattan. Then, she takes a red subway lines straight to Pratt 14th street. She spends almost three hours to get to school. Ellen, a current graduate student of Historical Preservation Department, has a four years degree in Art History. After she graduated from universities, she wanted to pursue her higher education at Pratt Institute, although it is very far from her house. After she got accepted from the department, she had no hesitation to come and study where 4o miles away from her home. Eventhough she was offered from better universities in her neighbourhood.


Metropolitan Museum:: first draft


Download another version here

Final Draft

 1. “Autumn Rhythm”

 2. The painting is very dark and miserable. It seems to be angry as if it is a black hole that crashes in space and the white line is Milky Way. I don’t feel any autumn or any senses of season. It is more like something that occurred in space. I felt dull, depressed, and confused inside my mind. I can think of the time I was down and question what are the blue splashes, and why they were splashed on the canvas.

3. It is a big square of mixed media, which includes oil paint, pencil, paper, fabric, metal, cardboard, box, printed paper, printed reproductions, photograph, paint, a pillow, and a bald eagle. It was created in a form of collage, was mixed with variety of material at the background. On the foreground, a big sculpture of bald eagle is standing at the end of the wood stick. The pillow was hung at the end of wood tip.

4. It was painted and coveredwith chromium plated steel.

5. She is an Icelandic. She was born on 1967. Biserie is a French word means to 18th century French boudoir from the hotel de Crillon Boiseries. In this piece, she used wood plaster, resin, paint, mirror/glaze and cotton fabric. Personally, I don’t have any specific reaction toward this artworks. It seems empty and do not have a strong emotion to me. It may because of the white paint that was painted very flat and pale.

6.From his works, the first painting called “Mark” is very impressive in term of portrait. It looks very real. I stun with the massive grid that he had worked on, however, his second painting is powerful and unique. It has a lot of energy and dynamic. I feel motivated by the painting. It is too amazing to be real. I cannot believe that had done after his stroke. I think that has changed his style of works.

6. Andy Warhol did Mao portrait in Pop Art style. He used rough brush stroke to create the hard contour. He had done the painting on printed silkscreen. The color is more vibrant. A painting of Khublai Khan is more dedicated and used a very soft and legitimated stroke. The painting was carefully drawn on silk. In addition, this painting was painted ­in neutral colors; not too vibrant.

7.My favorite painting is on the first floor, in the Modern Art room. Walk straight to the Pierre and Mana Gaetana Matisse Gallery, the painting is on the corner of the wall. It is hanging beside a big painting of Balthus. On the left hand of the big canvas, there will be my favorite painting called “Lelia caetani”, it is an oil painting of a very tall woman. She s standing in the middle of the road. Everything around her is very unusual size. The color of the painting is a warm tone of color, yet, it is still has a dull feeling and feel desolation same as another surreal paintings. 



We were going to The Met and saw many paintings, art installations, and photographs. I was very enjoy with this assignment because I had seen a real art pieces and could be able to explian of each pieces. This assignment let me develop my listening and writing skills. It allowed me to pratice on preposition which is very difficult from me. I had been using the wrong preposition in almost of my sentences but now i worte them correctly and confidentally.





Vocabulary is still the biggest problem when I read passages. Sometimes they have a direct meaning but some other times they are just idiomatic. Also complex sentences always confused me. The goal of this semester is to remember and familiar with new vocabulary. I would like to read newspaper everyday. I believe it helps me to remember a new vocabulary.  


Reflection on reading

Reading is very difficult for me sometimes because I am confused with a grammar structure and vocabulary. I always ignore to look up in the dictionary about the meaning of words I do not know. After this course, I have learnt to look up the dictionary book and underline the meaning of each word so that when I come back and find that word again I would know that it had been looked up before. I subscribed NYTimes and The New Yorker magazine, and try to read it and underline unknown words. It helps me a lot on my reading skill and that I was learnt from this class too, 

The New York TImes




Revelation of False Credential




Revelation of False Credential shake South Korea

  1. What did the Venerable Jiwang do wrong?

He is a monk who helped increase the number of member of local temple in Seoul from seven members to more than 250,000 people. He had faked his academic degrees. Moreover he lied that he had graduated from Seoul University.

2.Do you believe this was wrong?

It was wrong because that person told lies to people and gained a lot of benefits from the public. Especially, he is a monk who needs to teach people about a morality. He is supposed to be a figure of purity, authentic, and truth.

3.How was Shin Jeong-Ah exposed?

A member of the university’s board questioned about her academic background. Afterward, her story got public attention.

4.What was her biggest lie?

She exaggerated her academic degrees. She lied that she went to Yale University, and attended Kansas University, but in fact is she had never attended those universities she had claimed. She failed to graduate from Kansas University.

 5. Education can be another thing that has been used to classify people into different social classes. In other words, a higher academic degree background, from top school tends to bring bright career, then, money, reputation, and so on.  Definitely, getting married to a person who has an impressive academic background will be daughter or son has a better life in society.

6. Admittedly, Thailand is one of many countries where degrees are meaningful and have a lot of impact on Thai people. However, they are not the most important things that is used to classify people into a different status in the past. Therefore, children were not pressured to study obsessively. In contrast, an academic degrees become more important because the demand to get jobs is higher that available positions. This happened after a big crisis in Thailand. Companies cut down on a number of workers and tended to keep fewer numbers of people. Children are pushed to study in order to get on to the top universities where they have a very low acceptance rate. They are very competitive even though, there are still alternatives for parents to send their children to study aboard, but studying in Thailand’s top universities is still the greatest preference. 

Nevertheless, it is hard to compare Thailand with Korean because I have never experienced the pressure in Korean. In additional, we have different social values and ways people in both countries take on those values. More or less, we are still impressed with Top school graduates and think they are smarter than others. In fact, they perhaps are not smarter, they are just more diligent and try harder. 


First Draft of Essay Review

Essay Review: 2nd draft




Essay Review: Final Draft

In a modern day, it is hard to find big houses with backyards, especially in a big city such as New York City. The price of a residential building is expensive. People spend $4,500 each month to live in boxes. Those have 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms, and small kitchens. It may sound horrible for people who live in nice big house, but it is he truth of city life and most New Yorkers have accepted it.

From the past until now, the population of New York City has increased every year. The demand of living space goes up, but the available spaces remain the same. New Buildings were built and sold to the market. The glass-and-steel condos are popular among New York Nouveau riche. However, the new type of modern condos are not preferable for some people because they believe they are not the places where someone could raise kids and live until they die. They believe that those types of boxes aroused to store life not to live a life, according to the article in Vanity Fair, written by A.A. Gill, about living dead in glass and steel condos.

Personally, I totally disagree with this article. I think the author has a very bad attitude about living in glass and steel condos. Some group of people may agree with his article but it does not prove anything about living in a condo. In my perception, living in a glass and steel condo is better than other kinds of buildings in New York City, because of the rental prices, the age of the buildings, the facilities, and the great view of Manhattan.

I have had three experiences of moving during the one year and a half that I have been in New York Cit. Price has been the most important point of concern when I was looking for a new accommodation. From my experience, the glass and steel condo are not expensive compared to pre war building or antique brick style buildings on Upper East Side, Soho, or Upper West Side. Most of modern condos are usually located in business areas such as a Financial District, Midtown West, and Gramercy.

The second things to be concerned about is the age of the building. Some people prefer to stay in old buildings those were built before WWII because they make them feel cozy and feel more at home, not in a box. However, old buildings are troublesome and annoying.

Most of residents who live in Pre-war buildings usually have leak water in bathroom, pipes broken, or little creatures in apartments. In contrast, because the new buildings were just built, the construction is still in excellent condition. Therefore, all those annoying problems would less be found.

Furthermore, most modern type of condo is provides good facilities for example laundry rooms, fitness centers, roof tops, waiting areas for guests, and lounges for residents of those buildings. Once I went to my friend’s apartment located on the Upper West Side. It was nice, cozy, and felt like home, but I realized when I went out that she usually walks four blocks for her laundry. She walks up to fifth floor where her room is. Moreover, she needs to change light bulbs by herself. Life becomes tougher when you live in a Pre-War building.

Last but not least, living in a glass box is not so bad when it allows you to see a panoramic view of New York City. All the glass windows would make you feel warmer during the winter season because it allows more sunlight to come in everyday.

Nevertheless, living in a big city like New York, the living space or the type of buildings depend on the satisfaction of the individual, but for my personal preference, I choose to stay in a glass and steel building because of the rental price, and the age of the building, the facilities, and the great view of Manhattan.




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