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Welcome to my e-Portfolio for the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science. To the right you will find links to four views detailing projects that fulfill the five learning objective criteria:

  1. Research 
  2. Communication 
  3. Technology 
  4. User-centered Focus
  5. LIS Practice.

Sean Fitzell's pages

Information Architecture: Changing Perceptions with Changing Technologies

Project from LIS651. Fulfilling learning objectives: 1. Research 2. Communication 3. LIS Practice
Tags: Communication, Information Architecture, LIS Practice, Research, SILS Showcase

Network Visualization of Information Architecture Card Sort Results

Project from LIS658. Fulfilling learning objectives: 1. Technology 2. Communication
Tags: Communication, InfoVis, SILS Showcase, Technology

PhREDD: Photographic Recognition and Extraction of Data Device

Project from LIS665. Fulfilling learning objectives: 1. Research 2. User-centered Focus 3. LIS Pr...
Tags: Digital Archives, LIS Practice, Research, User-centered Focus

Re-designing the ARChive of Contemporary Music Website: A User-Centered Approach

Project from LIS643. Fulfilling learning objectives: 1. User-centered Focus 2. Technology 3. Comm...
Tags: Communication, LIS Practice, SILS Showcase, Technology, User-centered Focus, User-experience Design