Keiran Brennan Hinton

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Toronto, Ont. Canada

Keiran Brennan Hinton

Each painting begins with a photograph, which I then project onto a canvas. This is a strategy to create an initial composition or blueprint, which provides a starting point to begin the painting. Once the foundation has been laid, I build on top of it with blocks of flat color. The painting continues like this until I feel it has its own sense of stability.


I work physically, intuitively and archeologically, laying down and scraping away color. This process is about uncertainty, not knowing, feeling vulnerable, and learning through doing, it’s about being open, decision-making and discovery.


The content of the work, empty interiors, mirrors this searching and desire for discovery. It is a romantic search for home and balance - a meditation on privacy and walls.

John (Details)

Oil and Urethane on Canvas 4ft x 4ft
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