SCP Summer 2


Name: Yi-Ling Lee
Course Number: 10/SU-ENGL-063-C4
Semester: Summer 2010
Course Level: 7
Instructor: Sang Kim, Elizabeth Knauer
Major: Communication Design
Nationality: Taiwan

    Listening & Speaking Section   

I had given three presentations in my class, and we worked together on the debate and chat room discussions. The three styles of speaking are quite different; even so, under the instruction I handle them without any problem. What’s more, I discover my strength in giving a public speech. To feel confidence before the unknown public can make my speech more professional; however, sometimes there is less structure and transitions in my speech, which are the problem I’m going to overcome in this program. Using the outlining technique, which I learned in writing class makes my presentations more clear and organized. 


         Podcast ''Ancient Sound''       

We just learned art critiques in our listening class, and we had the MoMA Teens as listening practice. I studied many art related words from that. Podcast is our final speaking assignment, which is based on these critique sections. We have to critique also describe one artwork to the listeners using recording. It’s not easy to communicate our own idea to others, although I’m proud of my podcast assignment. Totally, I combined my perception and production in the podcast. The choices of words are unique and art related, which makes my idea finely presented here.


Before I came here, I taught in school. For me, to stand in front of people and make a speech is like a piece of cake. Nevertheless, this is sometimes becomes my bind spot when I’m delivering a speech. Unconsciously, I forget to interact with my audience. I put two presentations here, which is the first, and the final presentation in the second session of speaking class. There is more interaction and eye contact in my final presentation.

                  Reading Section                 

My reading speed improved a lot during the class. The strategies I learned from two teachers definitely help me to perfectly scan the content and to take notes at the same time.  I used to work hard on every word that I don’t understand, but now I changed my attitude toward reading. As a graduate student, reading is not just for fun or for test. Reading is kind of a filter mechanism, which provides us the information we needed for our research paper and the project we are working on. With these approaches, I believe I can overcome a bunch of academic books in graduate school.

    A Perfect Day For Bananafish    

The fiction “A Perfect Day For Bananfish” provides me with a great opportunity to take notes and at think critical. Our instructor simply demonstrates her reading process by using the projector. The idea about ruining my book is actually not my style, but I started to write in my book to the point of making it dirty. I tried so hard to take notes when I’m reading. Consequently, the point of the paper is clearly presented and my reflection about this reading appears in writing. That’s helpful when I’m writing a response essay. The topic sentence and my assertion come out easily, because I already wrote them down in my notes. Based on those techniques, it saves me much time when I do academic research. 

       Reading About Chris Ofili        

Personally, I enjoy the reading about Chris Ofili. Reading the critique, news, and essay paper are quite interesting, especially when it’s about the same artist but in different formats. The idea inspired me when I’m working on my research paper. To find the resources I need in the library is totally a disaster for me, however with reading strategies this problem can be solved easily.  To collect the books I just need to quickly scan each book, and then based on paper-to-paper, I can expand my idea quicker than before.

                    Writing Section                   

Plagiarism is one important issue I learned in this program. No one talked about this when I was doing research or dealing with my artwork. Now, I really feel it’s a part of culture shock. Because after I recognize the definition of plagiarism, I realize that Taiwan and the States have different views towards plagiarism. When doing research, I began to note down the resources that I got from books even websites. This way can prevent me from unconsciously plagiarizing other people’s original ideas. Trying to use the correct citation format for the research paper also mutually benefits the author and me. 


                   Research Paper                 

The experience about finishing a simple research paper within a short time is definitely a challenge for me.  I had a problem with finding my resources in library at first; there are too many books and information that needs to be filter down quickly. I just got stocked there. However, as I mentioned before, reading strategies really helped me there. Finally, I cut down unnecessary information and started writing directly.  The research paper involves a very formal writing style, and the word choice is essentially significant.  The instructor suggested us to use the synonymy dictionary to polish our writing, overall just to enhance our writing to be more academic. I love the idea about using words with subtle meaning; they actually back up my ideas in writing. 

          AEC Strategy For Writing        

We work on the strategy called AEC, which will function well on the academic paper. It’s an abbreviation for assertion, example, and comment three words. Using this strategy of my writing in the body really assembles my thinking process clearly.  It facilitates as a formula whenever I’m dealing with my writing. In addition, these three steps can also work in the speaking section, which supports the organization of my speech in a crystal and clear way.

After class, I still try to improve my writing skill. Our class groups a twitter club, so we can also practice our writing out of the class. In the very beginning, my peers help each other a lots. Even though twittering is much like the free writing, we still love to share our daily life or information about New York City to others. The grammar error became less important when we sharing information on web site. Nevertheless, it encourages me to write down my idea more freely. It’s a good strategy for the inception of writing.


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