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User-Centered Focus, Communication

Tags: Communication, User-Centered Focus

One project that fulfills two learning outcomes: User-Centered Focus and Communication

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User-Centered Focus, Communication

Project Title: 

LibGuide for the Aging Population in Elizabeth, New Jersey

Project Description: 

For our class Information Services & Resources (LIS-652-01), we created a LibGuide using the topic “Aging in America”. Acting as reference librarians, we chose an actual library and consulted with librarians who work at the public library in Elizabeth, NJ (my team partner works at this library as well). We created our LibGuide using Springhare which is a platform used by many other libraries across the country. 


We found data about the population of Elizabeth, NJ by using the census data and visualization tool Social Explorer. We researched using the links provided by Elizabeth Public Library’s Senior Space: and resources provided by the local government of Elizabeth. Additional textual research was made utilizing ProQuest journals and more. We also consulted with the librarians of that library and my partner applied her knowledge of the demographics of the town and the patrons of the library on this project.

My Role: 

I was a part of a team totaling two people. I was responsible for the following sections: Continuing Education, Careers & Volunteering, a bibliographic essay titled “Aging in America: A Film Showcase” (under the tab titled “Seniors in Film”). We worked together on choosing and implementing the colors, typeface, type sizes and format of the LibGuide.

Learning Outcome Achieved: 

User-Centered Focus


Our LibGuide was designed for a target audience: the older adult population of Elizabeth, NJ. We consciously chose a serif typeface, using 14pt for the text and 18pt for the headers, so it would be easier to read. We also chose blue colors to create a calming ambience to the guide. We included a translation tool on the LibGuide, powered by Bing, because we found through our research that there is a large Spanish-speaking population. Overall, the majority of our LibGuide highlighted local resources (such as volunteering, health, and housing) but some resources were for the general population such as “Finance & Retirement”, encore careers section and where it was appropriate.

Learning Outcome Achieved: 



We met that objective by our decision to do both of our videos as tutorials, utilizing the software Camtasia, to navigate specific areas of the web. Both of our bibliographic essays pertain to unique issues or interests of older adults, to inform and even entertain them. We focused on uncommon subjects such as the topic “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy” and highlighting films that feature older adult characters (in the "Seniors in Film" tab). We used the LibGuide as an outreach, to provide a resource or to create new paths in their lives so they can enhance their quality of life: such as continuing education, encore careers, volunteer opportunities, health information, etc.

Screen Shot of the LibGuide